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Since 2002, we have imported coffees from all over the world. We have tested thousands of varieties to choose the best ones for you. Our coffee adventure began in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, with the import of coffee beans. There, we experienced the unique, original aroma of kopi luwak coffee. Thanks to our contacts in Jakarta, we are the only roaster in Poland and one of the few in Europe to import green kopi luwak coffee beans directly from a plantation. We roast the beans in our mill for individual orders. We guarantee the freshness of the coffee you get. At your request, we have imported various kinds of tea from the most distant corners of the world since 2014.

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If you want to receive free samples or talk about your own coffee composition, contact our sales representative. However, a whole group of professionals works for the success of our business. The experienced Tommy Cafe team will do any job!

Grzegorz Tomica

właściciel firmy

Moje certyfikaty:
SCA Coffee Diploma

Agnieszka Krzemień

produkt manager

Karina Nikiel

manager ds. sprzedaży
hurtownia kawy tommy cafe


We process 500 tonnes of coffee annually

hurtownia kawy tommy cafe


We employ 40 people in Poland

hurtownia kawy tommy cafe


This is how many cups of #tommycafe coffee you drink every day

Our experience

We have met the expectations of thousands of customers, we will meet yours too. Give us a chance to prove ourselves and join the group of our satisfied customers.

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Check out the offer of our products. Of course, wonderful aromas cannot be catalogued, you need to experience them. However, feel free to read our catalogue to learn more about our range of coffee and tea flavours, professional equipment and accessories! Warning: even short exposure to the catalogue may result in an irresistible desire to taste delicious coffee.