Your machine, not your costs. Starting at
PLN 7 per day!

The lease of coffee machines is a great way to get the pleasure of drinking quality coffee paid with company budget.

Tomme Cefe

Coffee is not the only factor – coffee machines are also important!

The freshness of our coffee and the high quality of the beans are the key factors that contribute to the great sensory experience. Aromatic and properly served coffee tastes best, but the machine parameters in which it is brewed are also of great importance. Our machines extract the best from the beans.

Why cooperate with us?

Coffee machine included in the subscription price

Delicious coffee prepared in a professional coffee machine.
hurtownia kawy tommy cafe

Service or replacement coffee machine

If your coffee machine breaks down, you can count on us.
hurtownia kawy tommy cafe

Coffee as the company’s expense

You can easily write this service off as the company’s cost and generate savings.
hurtownia kawy tommy cafe

Starting at PLN 199
per month

and later we will offer you the option to buy the machine for only PLN 1.
hurtownia kawy tommy cafe
hurtownia kawy tommy cafe

Contract for 24 or 36 months

You can adjust the lease term according to your preferences.
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Guarantee of regular delivery

You don’t have to remember to buy coffee. We will regularly send it to you.
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Account manager

Thanks to the account manager, we will always be in touch with you and at your disposal.
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A small gift

You will receive a set of cups so you can enjoy our coffee even more.

Who will benefit
the most?


Hotels, restaurants, cafés

Make your guests remember their visit at your place with the smell of freshly roasted beans and the taste of delicious coffee. From espresso to cappuccino.

Catering businesses

No event can be successful without high-quality coffee. Impress everyone with the quality of your services by serving coffee with a unique aroma, thanks to which participants at the event will remember it for years to come.

Brilliant coffee?
Only from a good machine

Coffee machine lease

Choose the right coffee machine for your needs!

Take three steps to enjoy freshly roasted coffee in your office!


Choose your coffee machine

Tell us where and under what conditions you will need a coffee machine and we will help you choose the best solution.


Sign the contract

You can lease the coffee machine for 24 or 36 months, depending on your needs.


Get the delivery

Depending on the arrangements, the coffee machine will be delivered by courier or we will bring it to you ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

The coffee machine lease contract includes repair service in the event of a breakdown. The lessee is responsible for regular cleaning of the machine. Our specialists will train you how to do it.

The replacement machine will be delivered in 48 hours.
We do not require a deposit, but the first invoice is paid in advance, on the day of installation of the machine.

According to the contract, the lessee is not responsible for the normal wear and tear of the machine. In other cases, these issues are governed by the contract.

At the end of the contract, the customer may buy out the machine at a predetermined price. The price depends on the length of the contract and the amount of coffee that the customer bought in the subscription.
We will advise you on choosing the right blend and type of coffee from our offer. We will certainly be able to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes of coffee-lovers.

Contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or want to discuss your order, please contact our representative. The experienced team of Tommy Cafe will cope with any task!